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Esbe works on canvas and glass and is inspired by the delicate draughtsmanship of the Art Deco and Art Nouveau eras. Her love of colours, unusual colour combinations, and Pop Art,  bring a modern sensibility to her images. She focus on faces and the human form in fluid motion, reducing each element to the bare minimum.

The Portraits and Icons series takes pertinent aspects of each face and places them in stylised illustrative context. Using dense splashes of colour on a white background the features appear to be floating on the wall. Other work sees figures engraved onto the back of painted glass, then brought to life with silver and coloured enamels.

Esbe recently completed new work on glass using silver and bronze enamels on glass, including the portrait of the writer Samuel Beckett and the flying divers. These images are a little more introspective and thought provoking.

In September 2016, Esbe displayed several items of art led furniture at the prestigious 'Decorex' trade show and some new art - The Art Deco inspired 'Battersea Power Station on a Moonlit Night Cocktail Cabinet', 'Flamingos Bathroom Wall Cabinet', and 'Panthers', a striking sideboard with symmetrical heads roaring at each other on a pair of doors.

Having worked in design, the art images and furniture are particularly well suited to interior and architectural projects. Esbe is happy to take on commissions for any of these - from original art work, to room dividers, bar splash-backs, bathrooms, kitchens, and furniture.


Many of the art works and furniture are immediately available - please enquire.

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Esbe is also an award winning musician and composer. Check out her album releases and videos.

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